Our Story

Our story

Where it all began for us?  Well, Russell & I were high school sweethearts.  We are opposites in most ways.  He was from a large family, I was an only child.  He lived in one city his whole life, I was military and never stayed in one place.  He is very serious and structured, I'm a free spirit about most things.  But with all the ways we are opposite it's the things we have in common that binds us to our core.  We love Jesus, each other, our family, building & designing.   

 In 2002 Russell & I, along side his parents, decided to start a homebuilding company, R&R Homes. Russell comes from a family of home builders with decades of experience and I have a passionate desire to make all things beautiful; together we make the best team! When we first started R & R Homes we did all of the tile work ourselves (hats off to anyone who has done this because it is hard work and means long days and nights). Along with laying tile, I also painted faux finishes, hung wallpaper, sewed curtains, picked material selections, staged our houses, and anything else that needed to be done; I was not afraid of getting my hands dirty to help our business succeed.  With all of this hands on experience, my design skills continued to develop over these beginning years as I firmly believe the best way to be great at something is to learn it inside and out. (Never stop learning because the design world is always changing!) God had big plans for our company and it quickly grew to become one of the top 5 largest homebuilders in the Metro area.  

My personal style is ever- changing, but always remains true to the little girl who fell in love with thrift stores & antiques. This is the reason that I am drawn towards designs that incorporate the old with the new. My design goal for each project is to reflect my client's personal style, to provide comfortable options and to make it a functional space.  If these three things are present in a home, I feel it is timeless & will be loved forever. I love to connect with each one of my clients and I hope to inspire them to find the beauty in their own homes.  

Reclaimed Warehouse was born out of a corner of our warehouse in R & R Homes.  It was there that I would store up all of my random treasures (Russell calls "old junk") for future projects in our new homes.  The idea of the store quickly grew from this corner in the warehouse to taking over the the neighboring commercial space and starting a retail store.  The store has a combination of antiques (what we call Relics at the store),  todays current trends in home decor & furniture, unique gifts,  & custom made furniture.  It really has been a dream come true.  

I am most importantly a wife & a mom to 4 kiddos. Jesus & my family are the center of my life and I deeply believe that God has planted us where we are for a purpose. I am excited to see what He has in store for us and where we will go from here. I hope that you will become a part of our journey and I can't wait to meet you!

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Wife.  Mom.  Old to new is my jam.  Moved by grace & caffeine.  Design & decorate everyday.