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People Magazine, May 10th - "What we're loving right now!"  See full article here

People are talking about Black Forest!  Its one of our favorite scents internally, and its caught the attention of some big names on the outside too. (Taylor Swift bought out the entire stock at a local store, and Rihanna's contract required that four of them were backstage and waiting at every stop on the "Diamond" concert tour.)

We blend Black Forest in small batches, sit back and then allow the oils to age in barrels in a process that allows them to blend, mature and intensify. The fragrance that comes out is complex, intense, and definitely worth the wait.

Poured in heavy glass and elegantly packaged, this is the perfect gift for yourself or anybody on the list.

  • Key Notes: Dark ebony woods, Douglas fir and a hint of black patchouli blend together to create a rich and luxurious bottom note. Full bodied and sweet mulberries with oak moss combine to create a solid middle, and the zest of Italian mandarin coupled with crisp black currants adds a light and surprisingly distinctive top note.
  • Fragrance Family: Wood, Gourmand, Spice
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